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About the

Startup School

The Startup School was founded by some of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, supported by Investec, a leading Private Specialist bank, with a true entrepreneurial spirit and culture.

The Startup School is a project that aims to capacitate and facilitate support to encourage entrepreneurship in South Africa. The programme content is supported by a strong and experienced team of education, coaching and entrepreneurial specialists.

Benefits of

Startup School

  • Have access to a brilliant portfolio of learning materials and activities.
  • Be supported by the Startup School’s exceptional business coaches.
  • Apply to be mentored by one of South Africa’s most successful business leaders.
  • Present your business plan and compete for funding prize money upon successful completion of the programme.
  • Grow your network and connect with some of South Africa’s most inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs.
  • Learn entirely online and at your pace.



Startup School offers you, the entrepreneur, the opportunity to expand on your business insight through a challenging and interactive 12 week online learning journey. The course’s unique support structure of start-up coaching alongside comprehensive coursework means that you will develop and build on your entrepreneurial mind-set.

The programme also provides a space to develop one’s network and make new connections. By the end of the course, you will have a comprehensive business plan, an enhanced understanding of how to develop your business and you could receive the opportunity to present your business plans to a range of investors for potential funding opportunities.



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There are 12 modules that make up the programme. Each module is structured to give you the entrepreneur practical, real-world and relevant information to grow and succeed in your business. The modules give both seasoned and new entrepreneurs learning on key aspects of your business.

The course will run through a period of 12 weeks consisting of 1 topic per week. Each week will consist of approximately 10 to 15 hours of learning time.

Startup School

Target Audience

If you have an entrepreneurial mind-set or running a small to medium business you can apply to be part of the programme. Applicants are expected to complete the “boot-camp” modules to ensure that you have an appreciation of the content, commitment and level of learning to successfully complete the 12 week programme. The boot-camp is the first two weeks of the course where you are critically evaluated before you can continue with the rest of the programme modules.

A minimum of a Grade 12 qualification will better equip an entrepreneur to work through the modules. As the course progresses, the modules and content is designed to challenge and equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skill set to manage their business, which encompasses a wide range of business topics. Assignments and course work will require a strong level of commitment and study to ensure successful completion of the programme.