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Startup School

Course reviews

Many of our entrepreneurs have reviewed and rated the Entrepreneurship Course, read the reviews below.

Amazing, eye opening and empowering experience for startup entrepreneurs on a journey to success

Kgomotso Madi

29 Jul 2021

This course taught me so much !

Reneilloe madida

08 Jul 2021

A very good course with a lot of useful content. I think the bigger job is after completing the course, one has to implement all the lessons learnt.

Sikhangezile Bwanali

07 Jul 2021

Very beneficial and informative

Mbalenhle Mthanti

06 Jul 2021

I have learn a lot on startup school, now I can be able to start my on business

Daisy Beaulah Rebele

06 Jul 2021

Startup School has given my business proper systems to put it in place and compete well with my competitors. It is safe now to no longer be called a startup because my business is growing rapidly due to the tools and instruments provided to us, in order to take our businesses to the next level. Thank you very much.

Thetso Mokonyane

12 Feb 2020

This is the programme any start up entrepreneur should do.

Itumeleng Maruping

07 Feb 2020

Very informative and interesting course that challenges you to think out of the box!! Enjoyed it!!

Patience Munemo

07 Feb 2020

Amazing course. I have been an entrepreneur for the past 18 years and still learnt a lot. Course is challenging, but that is part of the charm. Entrepreneurship is challenging, but that is part of the charm :-). We grow during the difficult times (especially realising how we cannot rely on our own strengths and getting closer in our relationship with our Lord). Keep well and all the best to our future entrepreneurs. We need a LOT more in our beautiful country and with this course you can get a solid foundation of necessary skills to assist in achieving a greater level of success.

Nikki Kennedy

07 Feb 2020

I had a wonderful experience and learned alot from the team, coaches and my fellow students. I loved the way the coaches engage with us and also that they were always willing to assist. I wouldn't have trade this for anything.

Pholoso Futhane

07 Feb 2020

Enjoyed the course and Syllabus. It improves my skills and ready to scale up my business


25 Feb 2019

its a very informative course for someone who is growing a business

Ndamulelo Lidovho

21 Feb 2019

A great course for entrepreneurs!

Nompumelelo Moganedi

21 Feb 2019

It is a good course but there is too much reading at times.

Victoria Mubango

21 Feb 2019

Awesome course for entrepreneurs who are already in business, planning to start out or even intrepreneurs who want to move up in an industry. Plenty skills to take from each module, a lot of links to help with understanding the course work better and you never feel alone with a group page that allows you to share ideas, speak about the module and complete some additional tasks. Worth your time!

Prince Ngwenya

21 Feb 2019

Hi All. This course has been absolutely great for my development as a small business in a growth stage. The content has been valuable and i still refer back t it. The coaches and especially Tanya my coach has been amazing and has gone above and beyond to give insightful feedback . If i had to critique and area of improvement, i would say for the course to have a bit more local content and content more relatable to the South African economy and landscape. The majority of the content was american or european which is fine but also has to be relatable. Overall i give this course 5 stars and have and will continue to recommend it to any entrepreneur. Lots of love and Gratitude. Mario at LighTec.

Mario Roos

21 Feb 2019

Awesome content.

Damian Michael

21 Feb 2019

This course is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Was glad l took it, helped me a lot in my creative business.

Richard Mudariki

19 Feb 2019

I learned a lot of lessons the hard way over many years. It would have been so much easier if I had the opportunity to do such a course when I just started as an entrepreneur. Thank you so much for your hard work and advice over the 12 week period. Francois Swart Dynamix Teaching

Francois Swart

18 Feb 2019

Best online entrepreneurship course EVER! For the first time I managed to finish an online course. I was hooked throughout.

Edumisa Mtoli

18 Feb 2019

Brilliant program, for anyone whose serious about starting a business...

Sihle Mavuso

18 Feb 2019

For an early stage start-up, the information and guidance provided by SUS was incredibly helpful in getting me from the "idea phase" to a point where I now have a viable business plan, complete with marketing strategies and financial projections. The weekly deliverables ensure that you stay on track. The modules are well structured and easy to follow. This definitely was a valuable learning experience.

Natasha Marhye

18 Feb 2019

This course has made me , I’ve learned lot of things in just only one w weeks

Khuliso Excellent Muvhango

18 Feb 2019

An excellent course which every entrepreneur should do. It is well structured, well paced and covers key aspects that are vital in the business environment. I enjoyed every moment of the course and found it a great inspiration to get going. a big thank you to the startup team for their excellent support and hard work.

Praveena Jeena

14 Feb 2019

I cannot begin to explain the impact, gained through participating on this course. The content of the material, is invaluable, it allows one to learn, apply and reflect at the same time. I have learnt and grown a lot as a person, and my business has also grown from good to great. Tanya has been, encouraging and supportive throughout the journey, she believed in me and motivated me to go on, when things started getting intense. Entrepreneurs need to be exposed this, more than they need funding. It fuels both personal and business growth, it opens up more avenues, in ones thought process and pattern, its priceless, it's the future of entrepreneurship......

Teboho Nkwanyana

14 Feb 2019

Awesome experience. Great content, great support team. At the heart of the program is the #entrepreneurialmindset


14 Feb 2019

the experience and knowledge gain from entrepreneuship course was priceless

Sakadzo Magombedze

07 Aug 2018

They have tried to make it as practical as possible and this has largely wotked. The weekly assignments makes sure that you are investing in your business which means you have to make the business a part of your life which is one of the most important lessons I learnt. I do think the part where you have to speak with your peers doesn’t work so well as people just share their opinions but no one really challenges each other. Nothing wrong with challenging people’s ideas The content can be all over the place as it points to you a lot of different methods . I think there is opportunity for change here. Else I found it extremely useful

Kgothatso Matau

06 Aug 2018

Excellent,informative content,easy to understand,efficient, was able to submit assigments online with ease

Tasneem Dudhia

06 Aug 2018

Course was very well layed out and structured

Rodney Louis

06 Aug 2018

Would be great if you arrange mentors for everyone even if it's just virtual mentorship platform. otherwise brilliant course and easy to navigate system

Skhulile Ndlovu

06 Aug 2018

Startup School is an intense Business Administration crash course! The content and activities of the course helped me to properly structure my business and focus on the fundamental basics that will enable me to run a sustainable business. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity and I am confidently looking forward to success!

Bajabulile Gigaba

03 Aug 2018

A step closer to entrepreneural adaptive learning. Keep up the great work.

Sikho Msomi

02 Aug 2018

Great content. Really valuable experience. I recommend this course for anyone wanting to get start with a new business or if scaling up an existing endeavour.

Robin O'Brien

02 Aug 2018

Brilliant course and content. Excellent facilitation. Really helped my startup and I highly recommend this course.

Lynton Naicker

02 Aug 2018

This is an excellent course which combines both theory and practice in a well-balanced manner. I highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking of going into business.

Yongama Njisane

02 Aug 2018

The course was very intense and thorough. I definitely have taken a lot of the learnings into not only my everyday business life but my life as a whole. This course requires you to use your initiative to learn more and dig deeper into the content to get the most value out of it. At surface level it scratches the upper levels of business and guides you to have a solid foundation. If you want to succeed you need to put this into action and this takes time. Note down what you need and revisit it often. Dig deep into the learnings and find the value that you need. My value will be different to yours but SUS give you the chance to explore the most important items and help you figure this out for yourself. This has definitely added value to my business life.

Sean Dixon

01 Aug 2018

It was a great learning experience. The tools and guidance that were provided are invaluable. From policies all the way to sales. It's fundamental for any start-up keep up the good work.

Brian Ramufhufhi

31 Jul 2018

in Xhosa there is a saying that says " inyathi ibuzwa kwabaphambhili" it means the way is asked from those who have walked it, so the course represented that, it is well organised with good readings and lessons from other entrepreneurs the weekly task are insightful and can be implemented immediately. i have gained a lot in this 12 weeks so wish there can be a later version. this is a course designed to make a difference, I will be an ambassador. this course is a hustlers dream come true. keep it up!!

Siyabonga Chris Stanley Pamla

31 Jul 2018

Great online course that further develops entrepreneurs of all standards. Informative and interesting work that can be managed whilst working 9 - 5. Friendly staff whom are happy to help

Timothy Germani

31 Jul 2018

The program is really an incredible experience. One gets to learn more about the internal character traits needed to withstand the challenges of this journey. Also find creative solutions to the problems within the company you are building. It teaches you to be purposeful about what you are doing and find your why. Everything else becomes secondary and mere steps to get to the ultimate why... I’d recommend this course to any entrepreneur who is willing to commit themselves to at least 60hrs a week of pure content and learning. It’s so worth it. You come out a different person.

Palesa Moloi

31 Jul 2018

I found the course very valuable as it kept me accountable for my progress for the full twelve weeks. The content is useful and it's up to you to make what you want of it. I still find myself going back to read up on some sections.

Warren Handley

30 Jul 2018

Absolutely recommend this for anyone starting or in the beginning years of their business. I learnt such a lot!

Sadiyah Mosam

30 Jul 2018

It’s great to have an entrepreneurship course that can work for busy professionals. The course is short enough that it doesn’t completely take up your time but thorough enough to impart with the practical skills and knowledge you need to start a business!

Zanele Mauka

30 Jul 2018

The start up school has been the perfect platform for me to refine my business skills and scale up my start up!

Shona Macdonald

30 Jul 2018

Marvelous course! Such a mass of valuable learnings and ideas. It was wonderful that it was clearly geared towards individual businesses, not a lot else like this out there. I loved the course's structure with the weekly activities which are specific to key areas of your business (Haha! a unique strategy to getting all your admin done!) The Startup School team is very engaging and helps tailor an approach that fits precisely with your business needs. You will never find an online course that is more concise, more in-depth. I learned a lot & went over the content at least four times. So stocked you're here!

Lucky Lugogwana

30 Jul 2018

Start up school is the best school to teach you about being an entrepreneur and it has taught me a lot as an individual starting her own business and I believe that I will go far sooner or later because of what I have learnt. Thank you Investec for the opportunity to study and change my life

Mbalenhle Meyiwa

09 Jul 2021

Hie everybody. I would really recommend all start up businesses or any entrepreneur in the SMME sector to really participate in this programme as it would help many to run their businesses with a much more viable and realistic business model. Thank you.

Thando Ncube

07 Jul 2021

Such a great course!. I’m grateful for the experience, it was definitely worthwhile. Thank you!

Zodidi Tyala

06 Jul 2021

Loved the experience just wish I could have more time in the course.

Seth Siyothula

06 Jul 2021

Being on the course really shifted my mindset on a lot of things as an entrepreneur. I look at myself and my business in a different light, I really grow a lot and am really appreciative of Startup School and Investec for making this opportunity available for me. I now look forward to practicing more of what I have learnt and also look for more ways to grow as a person and business. Thank you.

Julia Nkosi

21 Feb 2020

Well designed, user friendly, informative, fabulous course. Great coaches and wonderful support. Enjoyed the learning journey immensely and gained a wealth of knowledge.

Reena Kanjee

10 Feb 2020

I loved the entire course. It was very helpful for me as an entrepreneur. It gave me a lot to think about and work on and a lot of guidance in the right direction. The coaches were amazing and I especially loved the feedback after each assignment... Giving comments and advice is much better than being graded, as you not really sure where to improve.

Kelly Francis

07 Feb 2020

The experience was amazing. I learnt a lot about my business and how to conduct business in general. One thing I found particularly useful was distribution channels, which may be hard to think about for tech companies such as those I aspire to build but it's something I've looked into since the end of the programme. I investe(c)d more time working on my business (not just in it, as I did before the programme), which I would have found difficult without the support. I implore anyone who wants to build a business with a platform that provides elaborate mentoring to make an investment in the Investec Startup School Entrepreneurship programme.

Bill Seota

07 Feb 2020

This was a great and a fantastic journey, thank you Start up School and Investec


07 Feb 2020

For someone who has an idea and would like to convert that into a business Start up school will specifically address this. Thoroughly enjoyed the program.

Vizolet Kuwanda

25 Feb 2019

The course was informative and equipped with new knowledge and skills to start a new business

Tafadzwa Mark Wasara

22 Feb 2019

Thanks to everyone for making this course a great experience. It was worth the time spend and I learned a lot. I can recommend this to any new or existing company.

Heinrich de Roubaix

21 Feb 2019

The course was great,interactive and provided a variety of topics and assignment that are beneficial to any business. It thoroughly promotes out-of-the"-box" thinking, which really assisted in identifying our niche market and developing a clear strategy to cater for the market

Ditiro Huma

21 Feb 2019

I loved start up school and learnt many things in the first few weeks. I think when I needed to recieve a mentor, none were available. this resulted in an unfinished feeling in terms of the journey. during the end there was also very little communication coming through. however, before that i loved the school. thank you for the effort in giving me feedback. and the lovely articles provided.

Samreen Kumandan

21 Feb 2019

I have been an entrepreneur for 11 years full time and the Startup School taught me a lot about structure and how to envision the future of the business. I would venture to say that many South African businesses fail due to poor planning for growth and expansion because there is simply no time while you are running the business day to day and keeping it alive to survive. I would highly recommend this entrepreneurship course because it forces you as a business owner to make time and think about where you are going with the business and why you started in the first place. The feedback from the team on weekly assignments is incredibly insightful, not overly critical. The course in itself is personal, practical and examples of modern day entrepreneurs are readily used. I really appreciate the time spent by Startup School and Investec to put together a programme to help us as entrepreneurs grow our businesses and continue to make a meaningful contribution to the South African economy and our country as a whole.

Michelle Lingham

21 Feb 2019

Good, course content

Christian Nyakanyanga

21 Feb 2019

Period spend on the Course was empowering and i am honoured to have been part of Alumni👐👐

Palesa Mbatha

21 Feb 2019

Met my expectations.

Ndumiso Gift Shabalala

18 Feb 2019

"Great", will be an understatement, Its an experience of a life time, the most amazing aspect of the whole program is the Timely, Honest and Professional Feedback I've received through every stage of the training, which shows how seriously the mentors take this program, what I've received in this program is more valuable than money, and its has shaped me and prepared me for the long entrepreneurship journey ahead of me, i will strongly recommend this training to everyone who is contemplating entrepreneurship because its the best starting point, valuable lessons that money can not buy.

Dickson Willie

18 Feb 2019

This course has been an eye opener. I was able rebuild my business in a much shorter time with the tools shared. Thanks you from the team at Mule Technologies -

Tumi Motsatsi

18 Feb 2019

Great support from the whole Startup School team and the feedback was detailed and relevant to the context to which it is given

Takura Chimbuya

18 Feb 2019

Course is well structured. Make sure you have enough time available.

Nico Campher

18 Feb 2019

Really enjoyed the mental preparation which I think is unique. Also enjoyed the work around business models and strategic planning. Not enough time was spent on the work that needs to be done upfront before starting a business. The interaction between class members needs to be pushed more. Less repetition would be great. Overall a great course, it could be awesome

Thabang Butelezi

14 Feb 2019

Thanks for everything. It was an amazing experience

Kay Bassed

14 Feb 2019

A fantastic course that provides a very thorough overview of the various components of starting a business!

Simon Hazell

14 Feb 2019

I just feel it was very unfair not to get a call or some feedback why I didn’t get the call. It feels like you also didn’t value the time and effort I took to do the course. Anyway, thank you very much for the opportunity, the course is worthwhile.

Blessing Mthethwa

14 Feb 2019

I came from a different region to South Africa looking for opportunities and this is my first business related one. It was a great content and opportunity, I leaned a lot about a field that I had no clue about and I got to know great people, great course!

Sameh M. AbuRadi

06 Aug 2018

Great experience and great coaches... Given another chance, i would do this course over and over again

Nobunhle Mathonsi

06 Aug 2018

Started the course thinking it would only be “business” making money systems and all that profit based work. Little did I know this course was built around the entire entrepreneurial mindset from learning the admin work that everyone hates doing,to working with people and realizing actually what type of entrepreneurial mindset you possess and how to harness it and how to bring it out whether in corporate or in your own business:):) TRULY AMAZING GO FOR IT AND KEEP LEARNING AND EXPAND YOUR HORIZON.

Thapelo Rampolokeng

06 Aug 2018

The Startup school has been an incredible learning platform over the past 12 weeks. It has taught me valuable lessons on entrepreneurship and how to convert and execute an idea into a viable business model that is scalable going forward. I would highly recommend this course to any aspiring entrepreneurs. Thank you to the team for guiding us through this fantastic course.

Murray Charter

06 Aug 2018

The course was very informative and insightful, the content is was a bit intense especially for someone who doesn’t have enough time during the day, it teaches one to make time no matter how little just so you can get work done, its a bit impersonal especially if its your first time doing an online course, great initiative and thank you for the opportunity, I hope this will just be extended to many others. Tanya “my coach’ was great and very understanding, though I must admit I didn’t utilize her as much as I should’ve, thanks to INVESTEC for helping to create employers, instead of employees.

Tshepo Khoza

04 Aug 2018

Well structured

Benjamin Constable

03 Aug 2018

"A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer"...Startup School facilitates the doing! An incredible and empowering experience to understand and bring to the surface the entrepreneurial spirit within you.

Dustin Naidoo

02 Aug 2018

The course is fantastic and relevant, Investec and the startup school should consider facilitating this course with high school pupils to give them the opportunity to consider entrepreneurship in view of the unemployment rate. The what’s up leg of the course is redundant and should be discontinued because I can engage the course administrators via the school’s message board. Thanks bye.

Mabatho Elizabeth Kgariya

02 Aug 2018

Was worth every penny

Thabiso Mofokeng

02 Aug 2018

So grateful for this opportunity. The program has renewed my mind, gave me practical exercises that have helped my business take shape.


01 Aug 2018

I learnt a lot about how to start, run and grow a business in 12 weeks.


31 Jul 2018

It was a great journey I'm currently implementing most strategies if not all that I have learnt throughout the course and even though not many doors have opened, but the reception is great , investors do give me a second So thank you Investec and StartUp School for my passport to success


31 Jul 2018

It's an amazing course with great content really it's just the execution but there can be improvement in that. Thank Tanya and Jackie for the opportunity.

Nkosingiphile Mvubu

31 Jul 2018

Before, I had a plan, which I believed could work, but it was never going to get much bigger than a micro business! Thanks to this course, I have a robust, well-conceived and detailed business plan, a clear understanding of my vision, UVP and goals, and a plan on how to upscale into a large, viable business. Loved, loved, loved the Entrepreneurship Course!

Bronwyn Redding-Jones

31 Jul 2018

The entrepreneurship course was a great stepping stone to higher levels of entrepreneurial endeavours, I encourage all those who embark on the entrepreneurial journey to take advantage of it and now.

Lungani Dlamini

31 Jul 2018

Good generic exposure to starting up a business

Luther Diedericks

30 Jul 2018

There can still be improvement for everything

Tshepang Peme

30 Jul 2018

I've learned a lot from this business is growing day by 100% ready to face the world.Ive opened a new office last week.Things are happening.

Nkosinathi THABETHE

30 Jul 2018

Good challenging course. If you plan on doing it make sure your social diary is free for the next 12 weeks (or make time during your work diary!)

Adam Kinder

30 Jul 2018


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