#13: The Story of ParkUpp: Placing parking in the hands of the people

Jared Kruger

15 Jun 2020

Listening time: 29 min Entrepreneur on the Grow Podcast Series | Featured post | Startup stories

In this episode of the Entrepreneur on the Grow podcast, Jared sits down with one of the founding members of ParkUpp, a local tech startup that’s revolutionising parking in South Africa. This woman, and this business, boast a string of accolades that are hard to ignore. Palesa Moloi talks about the milestones they’ve achieved, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the team that’s worked hard to make it all possible. This is a story of innovation and potential, but most of all, it’s a story about entrepreneurship with social impact. Don’t miss out, tune in now.      


Wanda du Toit

What an amazing idea. Well done Palesa.

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Great idea.

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